God’s River of Revival Is Flowing Your Way

River of revivalBy Apostle Sonia Green, Founder, Women of Minyan

Chad Pregracke has a passion for cleaning America’s rivers. Since the 1990s, Pregracke has been pulling out tires, refrigerators, washing machines and more out of the Mississippi River and other rivers across the country.

As a native of East Moline, Illinois, Pregracke grew up near the Mississippi River, which supplies drinking water to millions of people. In an interview with cable news station CNN in 2013, Pregracke said he consistently saw trash in the Mississippi River while working as a commercial shell diver when he was a teenager.

Unable to shake the desire for cleaning the river, Pregacke obtained a grant from Alcoa in 1997. He began that summer to clean the Mississippi River, and has been pulling out trash ever since, but now he does it with help from other volunteers who share the same passion.

Pregacke wants to see the waterways clean and flow unhindered across the country so that millions can have the drinking water they need to survive.

Just like Pregacke has this natural passion, God has a spiritual passion to rid people of the debris and trash that clogs them up and hinders them from experiencing the flow of His Spirit.

God, and only God, can cleanse us from the inside out by His Spirit so that we can experience a revival – a new beginning – in our lives. When we experience spiritual revival in our lives, God’s “river” flows through us and purges out of us all that is not of Him– envy, selfishness, hatred, jealousy and other soulish sins.

What is God’s River of Revival?