Book Review: Praying Circles Around Your Children

61IWN2SU1rLSaying that “parenting is tough” is an understatement. In addition to the constant concerns about job security and how to make ends meet in this shaky economy, parents are also concerned about raising their children and keeping them safe.

In his book, Praying Circles Around Your Children, Mark Batterson offers spiritual advice for parents to follow and continue to practice even when their kids become adults.

Batterson gives parents the “bad news” upfront: Parents are bound to make mistakes as they raise their kids. So, parents shouldn’t worry about being perfect. However, there’s one thing that parents cannot afford to make a mistake on or get wrong, and that one thing is prayer.

Batterson writes about five “prayer circles” that will help parents pray for, and through, their children. These circles include praying God’s promises, making prayer lists, creating prayer mantras, forming prayer circles and praying through the Bible. Batterson explains each one and how parents can carry them out.