Book Review: Our Family’s Daily Prayer Devotional

Untitled 3 pingOur Family’s Daily Prayer Devotional is designed for families who believe in the power of prayer and want to recite a simple prayer to God for daily praise, direction and protection before they depart from each other or travel.

Written by LaChelle P. Anderson, founder of First Fruit Publications, this 36 page e-Book tells the origin of the prayer challenge, encourages parents to teach their children how to pray, and discusses the benefits derived from prayer, including generational blessings:

God created man and woman to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth. By praying together as a family, you are fulfilling this commandment. You are planting or sowing Godly seeds in your children that will grown in their hearts forever, and their children will reap the fruits of this planting.

The author includes sample prayers and shows how to make a “family list” of names to read aloud during prayer time.

The book is available at To preview the book, click on the title: Our Family’s Daily Prayer Devotional.

Personalized Prayer Letter Ministry Encourages Others

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