Getting On God’s Path In 2015

4-color-infinity-sign-2Have you ever felt as if you’ve been going around in circles? You go to church, you pray, you fast, you do all the things that you think will make your life better and more pleasing to God, yet you don’t see any changes taking place in your life. In fact, problems in your life appear to be mounting instead of going away. So, how do you stop yourself from going around in circles and start making progress?

It takes a total surrender of your life to God and a willingness to ask Him to show you His plan for your life. Jeremiah 29:11 says God knows the plans that He has for us. When we make up our own plans, we go around and around, as in a figure 8 pattern, expending our energy and efforts to accomplish our goals. Then, we become frustrated and disillusioned when they don’t work out.

God Adjusted sizehas a straight path for us to follow that will lead to His plans being carried out in our lives. So, how do we get off of our figure 8 path and onto God’s straight path? Here are three steps you can take:

1. Pray and ask Holy Spirit for direction. Declare daily Psalm 37:23 that says: “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delights in his way.” God, through His Holy Spirit, will answer your prayer by showing you what He wants you to do in different areas of your life. When He gives you directions, you must follow God’s directions if you want to see His will manifest in your life.

2. Read and meditate on God’s Word. The Holy Bible teaches us the ways of God and what He requires of His people. The Word also reveals to us God’s goodness, greatness and His love for us. As we meditate on God’s Word, we develop a love for Him that makes us willing to trust His directions for our lives.

3. Be willing to make a change. So many times, we get excited when we receive a revelation from God that gives us directions for our lives. However, the more we think about what God is asking us to do, the more we may not want to do it. Why? Because God may be directing us to do something new, and anything that is unfamiliar may trigger our reluctance to follow God’s directions. If we want to obtain what God has for us, obedience to His directions is of the essence.

God has a new path for us to walk in 2015. So, rather than going around in circles, like an ice skater in a figure 8 pattern, ask God to help you stay focused on Him and maintain a willingness to carry out His will for your life.