Standing Firm in Times of Adversity


Do you need physical, emotional or mental healing? Then listen to or download our Healing Scriptures mp3 audio on our website.

One of the most pleasant sights in Alaska is Dall sheep grazing on mountain ranges and steep slopes. Dall sheep seem to graze on rocky terrain with relative ease. When they sense danger, such as a predatory animal, the sure-footed sheep flee to the safety of higher rocks and crags where their pursuers cannot reach them.

Just as God equipped Dall sheep with the ability to walk on rugged terrain, He has given the same ability to those who put their trust in Him.

There will be times in our lives when “predators,” such as illness, lack of finances or family turmoil, will try to attack our emotional well-being. A predator does not always have to be Satan or a personal enemy. Our own worries and fears can devastate us, especially if we turn our focus away from God and place them on the problems we are facing.

During these times of attack, God wants us to run to Him and to His Word, as swiftly as Dall sheep run on rugged terrain from their pursuers.To that end, for those who feel as if they are under attack and need  emotional, physical or mental healing, we have a new feature on our website. On the right side of our web site, we have posted Healing Scriptures, read by Kathy Wilson, whose podcast, It’s a New Day with Kathy Wilson! is featured on this website. You may either listen to the Healing Scriptures audio on our website or download the mp3 file.

Our purpose for providing Scriptures from the Bible that are related to healing is to inspire you to place your trust and confidence in God, Your Healer, and run to Him in your time of need. The Bible tells us that not only have we been redeemed from sin, death and the power of Satan over us because of the Blood of Jesus, we also have been healed in our mind, spirit, body, soul and emotions. We must believe that and stand on God’s Word until we see the full realization of that in the natural, because it has already been done in the spiritual realm.

It is God alone who causes us to thrive on the rocky terrain of our life journey. With sure-footedness, established through prayer, through reading and hearing His Word, and through faith in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, we will be able to stand firm in times of adversity.

To listen to the Healing Scriptures, CLICK HERE or go to the right side of our website to download the mp3 file.