Book Review: “It’s A New Day!”

BookCoverImageDevotionals are among the most popular books ready by Christians today. Devotionals can enhance your daily time of prayer and Bible study as well as provide inspiration and encouragement that you need for that day.

What readers like about devotionals are the spiritual truths explained in these daily gems and the writer’s personal experience that often mirrors the readers’ experience in certain matters. Whether it’s humorous, serious or matter-of-fact, most readers can relate to the slice-of-life examples presented by devotionals.If you’re looking for a devotional to help you better understand God’s purpose and plan for your life, we  recommend, Its A New Day! -31 Day Devotional by Kathy S. Wilson.

After encouraging listeners of her podcast, “It’s a New Day with Kathy Wilson,” Kathy S. Wilson decided to share her wisdom with others by writing a devotional book based on the messages from her podcast.

In the pages of this book are devotional messages designed to help you draw closer to God and examine your life in the light of God’s Word. The book poses such questions as, “Is God’s delay in answering my prayer His denial?” and provides an answer: 

…many of us will look at God’s delay as a refusal instead of trusting Him to work things out for our good (Romans 8:28). God loves us and wants only what is best for us, which is the reason His timetable is seldom the same as ours.

You will also discover how to fulfill your God-given assignment and determine whether you are in alignment with God’s will for your life:

How do we know if we are spiritually aligned with God’s will? First, if we have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are in spiritual alignment. When we are in proper alignment with God’s will, our lifestyles and viewpoints are in agreement with His will for our lives, This means that we must seek God’s will rather than our own—not sometimes but on a daily basis.

Each devotional reading contains spiritual nuggets on which to meditate. Each page will inspire you to deepen your relationship with God and give you a reason to believe that a new day has dawned for you!

 It’s a New Day!-31 Day Devotional is available on in print as well as an E-book. To preview both, click on the images below: