Free Prayer Journal Pages

Prayer Journal PagesIn light of the times in which we live, keeping track of the increasing number of prayer requests can become quite overwhelming. To solve this problem, we have provided free   prayer journal pages to assist you in managing your prayer list?

Journaling not only helps you keep track of individuals and situations that are in need of your prayers, but also acts as a way of recording answered prayers. And, if you sometimes doubt whether God answers prayer, using a prayer journal allows you to see the relationship that exists between prayer and spiritual power.

This prayer journal is divided into four categories:

  • Intercessory Prayer (Praying on behalf of others)
  • Petitioning Prayer (Praying for your own personal needs)
  • Listening Prayer (Discerning and listening to God’s Voice)
  • Bible Scriptures (Incorporating God’s Word into your prayers)

Using the prayer journal pages is very simple:

  • Record the names of people you are interceding for or situations you are praying
    about on either the Intercessory or Petitioning Prayer Journal Page.
  • Select a Bible Scripture from the Bible Scripture Pages, or one of your own, and include it with each written prayer need.
  • Record the results and the dates of your answered prayers.
  • During the times you perceive God is speaking to you, don’t forget to record His Words on the Listening Prayer Journal Page.


Click here to access printable prayer journal pages.