Preparing For The Unexpected

"Blood Moon" lunar eclipse

“Blood Moon” lunar eclipse

The month of September is filled with very important events. There have also been warnings of another major economic disaster to begin this month, similar to (or even worse than) the financial crisis of September 2008 and the stock market crash in September 2001 stemming from the September 11 attacks.

There are also concerns that certain activities of the sun and moon may portend disaster. For instance, a partial solar eclipse is set to occur on Sunday, September 13. Moreover, on September 28, a Super Moon (a full moon at its closest point to Earth) will become a “blood moon” (a total lunar eclipse in which the moon casts a red glow). Click HERE to watch a video of Mark Blitz discussing blood moons.The predictions and dire warnings of unexpected events are enough to make one’s head spin. However, we know that this month is also blessed by God because September is the time for us to draw closer to Him during the upcoming Holy Days, also called God’s divinely “appointed times.” The following times, set by God Himself, (Leviticus 23) are not just limited to holidays observed by the ancient Jews in the Bible, but are also recognized today by believers in Jesus Christ:

• September 14 – Yom Teruah (Rosh HaShana- first day of the Jewish New Year) Click
  HERE to read more about Yom Teruah.

• September  22 – Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) Click HERE to read more about Yom

• September 28 to October 4 – Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) Click HERE to read more
about Sukkot.

During these fall feasts, God reminds us that He is Lord over all creation and no matter what is predicted, or what actually occurs, we can rest assured that it won’t take God by surprise!

We can prepare for the unexpected by developing an unshakeable faith in God so that when something unexpected occurs, we won’t allow it to throw us off course. As we place our trust in God and follow His leading, we will remain stable under any circumstance in which we find ourselves.

Does this mean that God allows us to go through difficulties just so that we can depend on Him? No, but God can use our problems to work out His Divine purpose for our lives. God wants to develop our character so that not only will we trust in Him, He can use us to reach out to others in need.