Prayer for Lahore, Pakistan

IMG_5881As families in Lahore, Pakistan, celebrated Easter Sunday, March 28,  in a public park, a suicide bomber entered into a public park and blew himself up. The blast killed more than 70 people, mostly women and children, and injured hundreds of others.

The next day, a Pakistanti Taliban group claimed responsibility for the bombing, saying that it deliberately intended to target Christians. However, Muslims were also caught in the blast. Pakistan’s army detained more than 200 people in connection with the bombing. Pastor Shakeel Anjum, who buried children and young adults the day after the bombing, expressed the sentiments of many Christians when he was quoted in the Christian Post as saying, “We need much consolation. We have become tired, we are worried, have become scared.” Pakistani Christians live in a country where they are a religious minority and are treated as second-class citizens. 

The British Pakistani Christian Association, an organization supporting suicide bombing survivors, is organizing a protest in London to call on world governments to stand up for religious minorities and protect innocent lives.

Christians are being targeted by extremist groups worldwide. While we in America face criticism and contempt from some, we must keep in mind other believers in Christ who face discrimination, loss of homes and employment, physical harm and death.

As we mentioned in a post in November, it is imperative that we pray for persecuted believers because it may not be too long, when we will need others to prayer for us if and when we experience persecution.