Pray For Persecuted Christians

Courtesy of Open Doors USA

Courtesy of Open Doors USA

In a previous post, a statement was made that Christians in America are under persecution for their faith. Although we have been criticized and minimized for what we believe, we have not come to the point where we are intentionally being murdered for our belief in Jesus Christ.

There are Christians worldwide who are experiencing unbelievable horrors for their confession of faith in Jesus Christ. Christian families have been harassed, arrested, kidnapped, discriminated against, beaten, stabbed, sentenced to death, and killed.It’s understandable that those who have been injured and those who have lost family members and now have to make ends meet on their own are frustrated, angry, lonely and confused. Fortunately, there are organizations who help persecuted Christians with food, shelter, clothing, and financial and emotional support.

The month of November has been traditionally set aside to highlight the persecution of Christians worldwide and ways to support them in their plight. This year’s event include:

Voice of the Martyrs has scheduled November 1 as its International Day of Prayer. Click HERE to find out more information about this organization.

Open Doors International, an organization that works with Christians in oppressive countries, has set November 8 as its International Day of Prayer. For details, click HERE.

• Churches in the United Kingdom and Ireland have marked Sunday, November 15, as its International Day of Prayer.

These and other organizations provide ideas to promote the International Day of Prayer as well as provide monthly newsletters, weekly prayer alerts, and recommendations for advocacy on behalf of persecuted Christians.

While it’s commendable to set aside one day out of the year for Christians around the world to unite in prayer for their persecuted brothers and sisters, prayer should be raised to God continually on their behalf. If you feel so directed, sign up with these and other organizations to get updates on the persecuted Church.

Also, here is a suggested prayer for persecuted Christians:

Father, in the name of Jesus, I remember those who are under persecution as if I am experiencing persecution along with them. Father, I ask that through Holy Spirit, You give them strength to endure persecution, harassment, and other sufferings. May the greatness of Your power preserve them in fear, torture and death.

I pray that Holy Spirit visits them and find hope in the Most High God. May You give them joy in the midst of their suffering.

I pray that their tormentors and persecutors will see the peace and love of Jesus Christ through them, and are convicted by Holy Spirit and turn their lives over to You.

For those who, under duress and threat of death, denied their faith in Jesus Christ, I ask You, Lord, to forgive them and give them an opportunity to confess the Name of Christ once again.

I pray for the family members of those who have been murdered. I pray against retaliation, harassment, and harm by their loved ones’ persecutors. I pray for supernatural protection of their mind, heart and spirit, and that they will not turn away from You because the tragedies they have endured.

So, based on Hebrews 13:3 (NIV), let us continue to remember those who are under persecution as if we are experiencing the persecution along with them, and remember as well those who are mistreated as if we ourselves are suffering the same type of mistreatment together with them.