A Lesson From Rodney, Mississippi

The Mississippi River changed its course two miles west of Rodney, Mississippi.

Jentezen Franklin, pastor of Free Chapel Church in Gainesville, Georgia, spoke about the town of Rodney, Mississippi on his weekly television program, Kingdom Connection. Rodney, located 32 miles east of Natchez, was once a bustling port town in the mid-to-late 1800s .

In its prime, the thriving town had thousands of residents, stores, newspapers, churches, schools, hotels and a host of other businesses. There was a proposal for the railroad to come through the town, but Rodney rejected the offer. At one point, Rodney was considered the busiest port on the Mississippi River between New Orleans, Louisiana, and St. Louis, Missouri. Rodney almost became the state’s capitol, but missed the designation by three votes.   Continue reading