Springing Forward Out of Discouragement!

sample-photoBy LaChelle Anderson

The calendar says its Spring and we should be looking forward to green grass, flowers blooming and warmer days; but when you’re in a season of discouragement, a beautiful Spring day can seem like just another day.

Discouragement is defined in the Noah Webster Dictionary as “depriving of courage, depressing confidence or hope.” How many of you have ever been in a season of discouragement? Did it last longer than a season? How many of you will admit that you are in that season right now? Continue reading

“Tie Me To The Altar, Lord!”


Photo by Cindy Wiebelhaus

By Cindy Wiebelhaus
Guest Writer

When “life” happens, our flesh (the natural man, as the Bible calls it), can look at it either positively or negatively. However, when we look at it from a spiritual perspective, whether what happens is good or bad, we KNOW it’s good, right? How do we know that? Because the Bible says in Romans 8:28 that all things work together for our good.

We know that this tiny inch called “life on earth” is so incredibly small compared to the length of eternity.  However, when we are pressed on every side, this life on earth can be overwhelming and requires us to draw near to our Lord.  When I’m overwhelmed, I crawl under His “wing” (Psalm 91:4) and try to remind myself that is where I am 100 percent of the time! Continue reading

You Are Worthy

sample-photoBy LaChelle Patrice Anderson (aka Sister Shelli)

My assignment is to remind the world: You are not forgotten, but forgiven! In light of this reminder today, I’m going to address how you are not forgotten, but forgiven because you are worthy. Let me share the words to a song the Lord put on my heart for you.

Don’t be afraid, come as you are, there’s no need for shame
You deserve to be loved, You are Worthy.
If I had just one wish, it would be for you,
You deserve to be loved, You are Worthy.

Don’t you know God’s angels will watch over you (Psalm 91)
They’ll guide and protect you from all evil
Don’t you know, God’s angels will watch over you,
Reach out your hand, release your fears, You are Worthy!

The angels mentioned in the song represent God’s protection for you and being with you even when you think you’re alone. Whatever your situation, God will never leave you nor forsake you or separate His love toward you, because you are worthy. So, now you’re probably asking yourself, “Worthy of what?” Well, I’m glad you asked.

Continue reading

For They Know Not What They Do


Prayer MattersBy LaChelle “Sister Shelli” Anderson 

Once I heard a minister speaking to married couples say that every marriage could be saved if there were a redeemer in the marriage. He went on to say that one of them in the relationship has to be the redeemer, otherwise, God cannot come in and redeem the marriage.  Think about it, the Bible says that God is against divorce, but He allows it because of the hardness of hearts (Mark 10:5).  There was no redeemer in the marriage.

I submit to you this day, that God wants to redeem not only marriages, but our relationships, situations, and circumstances that seem unredeemable.

A “Redeemer” is defined as one who rescues and delivers from the bondage of sin, according to Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 Edition.

Picture Jesus on the cross.  He’s been pierced in his hands and ankles with nails.  He has a crown of thorns on his head.  He’s covered with blood from the excruciating thronging He received and God looks at Him and turns His back. Why does God turn His back on Him? Jesus needs Him more than ever. Why doesn’t God redeem Him right now?  The reason is because Jesus is covered with our sins and God cannot look on or be associated with sin.  But wait, it’s not over.  Jesus, our Redemeer, responds by asking His Father to, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Jesus took our sins, our infirmities, and our transgressions, then He asked God for our forgiveness – He became our Redeemer, when He asked His Father for our forgiveness.

Now, Jesus is no longer covered with sin, but covered with redemption. Now, God can come in and give Him power to overcome the principalities and powers in high places.

Jesus Made Our Redemption A Reality

If Jesus had not forgiven our sins, redemption would not have been possible for us.  Now, when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we can ask for forgiveness for ourselves, our loved ones, our work relationships, our situations, and our circumstances. The Redeemer comes in and takes care of it. Glory to God!

You see, sin, bitterness, coldness and unforgiveness shuts God off from helping you. But forgiveness opens the door for God to come in and bring healing, wholeness and restoration to your life, situation or relationship. Hallelujah!

Receiving Your Redemption  Continue reading

Prayer Matters And It Works!

LaChelle P. AndersonBy LaChelle “Sister Shelli” Anderson 

The Bishop (an overseer of churches) at the church I attend, has always taught us: “Every success is a prayer success first and every failure is a prayer failure first.” If you are a new Christian, this statement may seem a bit harsh, but to those of us who have spent some long hours before God on our knees, we know that it is indeed a very truthful statement.

In Luke 18:1, Jesus says, “…men ought always to pray and not to faint.”  Jesus states in this parable found in Luke 18:1-8, that prayer is so important, it matters so much, that we should pray always and not stop. In other words, “Don’t stop coming to God in prayer.”

If you continue reading this parable, Jesus goes on to talk about a widow who keeps going to a judge asking him to avenge her, but he refuses. The judge is one who doesn’t reverence God or man, but has grown weary of this widow continually coming to him requesting vindication. In verses 6 and 7 of The Amplified Bible,  Jesus describes the judge as “unjust,” but refers to the widow, and those like her, as God’s “chosen ones” or “elect.” In verse 8, Jesus is saying, in effect, “Won’t God defend, protect and bring justice to His chosen ones who cry and pray to him day and night? But when he comes, will he find such persistent faith on the earth?”

You see, you are one of God’s chosen ones. He loves you and He wants you to keep praying and to keep coming to Him day and night. Our prayers matter because we are His Chosen Ones! God will defend, protect and bring justice (speedily) to His chosen ones who pray to Him.

Do Not Faint

Did you notice in the first verse of Luke 18:1 that Jesus mentions “not to faint?” He wants us to be like Jacob who wrestled the angel all night and refused to let go of the angel until he blessed him (Genesis 32:24-27). You and I are God’s chosen ones and we are to always pray day and night and not let go of our prayers until God gives us the victory!  Glory to God!

Why did Jesus say,“faint not?”  What happens when we faint? Continue reading

Personalized Prayer Letter Ministry Encourages Others

sample-photoWorry can rob you of happiness, but kind words will cheer you up. ~ Proverbs 12:25, Good News Translation

LaChelle P. Anderson, who ministers to people by offering letters and messages of encouragement, recently received a testimony that lets her know that her ministry is on the right track. Continue reading

God’s River of Revival Is Flowing Your Way

River of revivalBy Apostle Sonia Green, Founder, Women of Minyan

Chad Pregracke has a passion for cleaning America’s rivers. Since the 1990s, Pregracke has been pulling out tires, refrigerators, washing machines and more out of the Mississippi River and other rivers across the country.

As a native of East Moline, Illinois, Pregracke grew up near the Mississippi River, which supplies drinking water to millions of people. In an interview with cable news station CNN in 2013, Pregracke said he consistently saw trash in the Mississippi River while working as a commercial shell diver when he was a teenager.

Unable to shake the desire for cleaning the river, Pregacke obtained a grant from Alcoa in 1997. He began that summer to clean the Mississippi River, and has been pulling out trash ever since, but now he does it with help from other volunteers who share the same passion.

Pregacke wants to see the waterways clean and flow unhindered across the country so that millions can have the drinking water they need to survive.

Just like Pregacke has this natural passion, God has a spiritual passion to rid people of the debris and trash that clogs them up and hinders them from experiencing the flow of His Spirit.

God, and only God, can cleanse us from the inside out by His Spirit so that we can experience a revival – a new beginning – in our lives. When we experience spiritual revival in our lives, God’s “river” flows through us and purges out of us all that is not of Him– envy, selfishness, hatred, jealousy and other soulish sins.

What is God’s River of Revival?